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Main supported software/technologies


My regular work experience:

Since Oct 2013 Linux/Windows/Network Administrator in Kruk S.A.
- Systems and services installation e.g. Windows2008, Debian, www on IIS, proxy on Linux
- Installation, configuration of VPN, APN: OpenVPNs for Kruk employees, IPSecs for contractors,
APNs with telecommunication providers
- Mail servers (Exchange, Postfix) maintenance
- Accesses configuration: AD, files, SVN, ftp, SFTP
- Switches, routers configuration: Cisco, HP
- Infrastructure monitoring installation, configuration (in Zabbix)
- Troubleshooting
- Kruk employee's tickets realization

2012 – 2013, Linux Administrator in Netteam Solutions Sp. z o.o. (software development company)
- Maintenance, access, servers configuration e.g. SVN, email, www, DNS, Samba, ftp and others
- Installation of new software on servers e.g. MySQL, PostgreSQL, LAMP, Jabber and others
- Backups maintenance: servers backups with Bacula and BackupPC, and workstations backups
- Hardware modernizations: assembling PCs, rack servers migrations
- Internet domain handling: buying, selling, transfers
- Current troubleshooting and failures fixing

2006 – 2012 Linux/FreeBSD/Network Administrator in Korbank S.A. (ISP in Wroclaw)
- Systems administration: Linux (Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora), Unix (FreeBSD)
- LAN, MAN network (based on Cisco, Huawei, Dlink hardware), configuration and maintenance
- Installation, managing about 50 routers in networks with 5000 customers
- Static and dynamic routing (BGP, OSPF), traffic loadbalancing
- Installation, maintenance 2 mail servers with about 4000 accounts
- Installation, maintenance DNS servers authoritatives and caches
- Installation, maintenance www servers, the biggest contains about 100 virtual servers and 7 chroot environments
- Installation, maintenance database, proxy , ftp, file, DC servers and others
- VOIP customers handling, Inotel reseller panel, configuration of different VOIP phones, gateways
- Current scripts writing in shell, PERL, LUA e.g. antivirus scanner, IP class validation, plugins for DC++ hub
- Networks, uplinks, servers statistics configuration
- Troubleshooting and failures fixing
- Support for business and private customers

Freelancer experience:
Take a look on comments for my finished jobs:

Portfoolio of biggest projects:
CMS hosting
I deal with maintenance of few servers with Wordpress and Joomla sites so I know these CMS very good. I can secure it, migrate, doing backups and so on. Good protection of such CMS is the trick.

Mail servers for up to 4000 users
I installed few mail servers based on Postfix, Amavis, Spamassasin, Dovecot, Clamav, Mysql, Postfixadmin and webmails such Roundcube or Squirrelmail. They serve mailboxes for our home and business customers. The challange was to provide proper performance, tune configuration and set effective antispam filter. Except above servers I installed, migrated and configured other Zimbra mail server so I know this software very good.

Complete Hosting servers with panels, few PHP versions and security
I installed for my customers two complete hosting servers. One based on Cpanel and the on Zpanel. Installations covered also security both from Linux and web side. On one of them I added even support for few versions of PHP. Servers have been working to now.

BGP, OSPF routing protocols implementation
That was project which i deployed in ISP company. It didn't has dynamic protocols in its network but suddenly there was no way to live without them and I was reponsible for installing. After deep learnig and tests I successfully installed them. There were based on Quagga software on FreeBSD routers. In few words we had: 4 iBGP and 3 eBGP routers with in summary about 20 peerings. Inside our MAN network OSPF covered our main several routers.

IPv6 implementation
In the same ISP company there was need to implement IPv6 addresses. So from the begening to end I had to request our ISP for address range, configure routers for support it, configure BGP protocol for broadcast and add IPv6 support to our traffic shapers. After finishing our customers could successfuly connect to internet with IPv6 addresses.

Opensource UTM building
It was big project for some US company to create new, own Security Gate. It consisted itself UTM, Firewall and Wifi router. Whole was based on opensource software. Sample applications which we used was: Snort, Squid, E2Guardian, Nprobe, Clamav and others. Interesting part of this environment was also Saltstack which was used for orchestrate and managing of all customer's gates. Whole environment consited about ten manage servers and those remote gates.

PPPoE authorisation in LAN
On few our wireless settlements (in ISP company) I installed PPPoE functional which let us to authorize customers with login and password. That authorization was alternative for ethernet MAC checking and Wifi loging. Solution was created on FreeBSD router.

High performance router (on FreeBSD), with 3Gb throughput
That was high challenge project. We had to develop high performance, cheap edge router. After testing and choosing proper hardware we installed and tuned FreeBSD system for high throuhhput (even about 3Gb/s full duplex). The solution was so good tha twe even showed it on main Polish network conference. This is ilnk for this conference:

Traffic shaper generator (PERL)
In ISP company it was needed some bandwitdh shaper. I was responsible for writing it. I wrote it in PERL, besides bandwitdh it generated DHCP IP address and permanent ARP table. It was big PERL project.

Featured DC++ HUB deploy
I installed featured DC HUB for our customers for file sharing. I installed it from the begening also with writing my own LUA to authorizing, nick validation, autokick after bad words using and others.