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Main supported software/technologies


Besides single jobs I provide ongoing administration service. As a part of that administration you have my full support. So you have:
- any server/network administration jobs: installation, configuration, optimization, upgrades, migration, security, backups
- monitoring 24/7 also with notifications by email and SMS!
- troubleshooting and fixing
- general IT consulting


It depends on scope of work and number of servers. Please describe me details and I'll give you a price. Currently I have much free time and I'm looking for new jobs. If I don't have I'll write that here - I'm honest.

I've been working in this job for about 10 years so I use best practices, proven solutions dictated by my practical knowledge. And what is very important - I'm available for you as much as is needed. Other similar services takes fee but they work only e.g. 2 hours in month on server. I'm not, if its needed - I work with you everyday to finish task.